Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rockin' it

H loves to dance. You give him a simple beat, even just clapping your hands, and he instantly starts grooving. I am sure a lot of this comes from the fact that there is a lot of music being played or sung at our home. And we love to dance and so H is just absorbing the family culture but it is so funny to watch. There are three distinct dance moves that are almost too much.

1. The Head Bop: When we have a CD on of particularly great tunes, his current favorite is "African Playground", H will begin bopping his head instantly. Sometimes he feels the need to really break it down and then he will grip the couch or table or whatever he is standing at, bow his head and just start boppin' his head to the beat. When the music stops he will look up, ready for the next beat.

2. The Squat: When H is really dancing it often involvs lots of deep squats. He will bounce up and down over and over and sometimes he feels the need to do a side-step and bounce, side-step bounce.

3. The Butt Wiggle: If H is crawling along and we start singing or put some music on he will stop crawling, extend his right leg and start wiggling his butt. Often this leads to the need to find something to stand up by so that he can really dance. But sometimes it will just be a pause in his crawling. He will break it out for a minute and then keep going to wherever he meant to go.


  1. Love it! Your descriptions were excellent.

  2. Waaaah so funny!! Next time I come over I'll have to remember to start nonchalantly singing somethin' funkay.... :D