Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting rid of dead weight

So, every some number of years I get tired of long hair. I feel like it is just weighing me down. Like all of the history that goes along with that hair is too heavy and I need to get rid of it and start fresh. This past weekend was it. I haven't had a hair cut in about 18 months and now was the time.

My hair is now so short I can't even bobby pin it in the back. The cut is very similar to what I was sporting at the end of college and that is exactly what J said when I came home. For me, I am just happy to have my long hair gone and feel ready for a fresh start. A start to what I am not sure, but I am ready.

As for H, he gave me a big smile when I got home from my hair cut and enjoys touching the newfound hair. It used to always be up and now there are all these interesting tendrils to touch and pull on.