Monday, November 30, 2009

H loves... eat food in order of preference. H is able to feed himself now so we have a serving plate full of different foods and we give him a few pieces of each food on his own plate. He loves cheese and meat more than green veggies. Squash and sweet potatoes come after cheese and meat. But he loves above all else...banana. look at trees.  When we are on a walk or at the park, H will spend a good portion of his time with his head back looking at the trees. He likes to look at the different types of trees and watch them sway in the wind. Often he will give a small smile while he tree watches. play ball games. H will swim up to a ball and pick it up and then toss it. Once the ball has rolled away he eagrly swims after the ball and then does the whole thing over again. play crawling games. We will get down on the floor and pretend to crawl away from him and then turn around and crawl toward him and kiss and tickle him. This is a hugely popular past time.

...books. He loves to read them and eat them. One of his favorites right now is "One Duck Stuck". If you ask him if he wants to read "One Duck Stuck" you actually get an audible "yes" sound as he starts to look around for the book.

...bath time. No matter what H's mood pre-bath time as soon as his little body hits the water he is smiling and as happy as a clam. Whenever we turn on music during a meal or during playtime H will stop and find the source of the music and then start bopping along and smiling. He loves to watch us dance and try to move as well.

...his parents. Whenever he is hungry, sleepy, or wanting comfort, H will search us out. He is a wonderful little person to snuggle with.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where did it go?

Oh...there it is!


I am trying to get some video footage of H swimming but until then these still shots will have to do. You can see how happy he is about his recently aquired skill. He saw the camera and instantly started moving toward it.

New Shoes!

Hendrick got his first pair of shoes last weekend! Since he is now swimming around from room to room he finds it frustrating to be in socks because he doesn't get enough traction. Unfortunately we are not able to keep our apartment at a toasty, sock free, seventy-five degrees like the Nido, so we must settle for leather shoes that provide a little traction. As you can see by the photo as soon as they were on H's feet, he started sucking on them. There is nothing that does not end up in his mouth right now! With shoes on, H is happily swimming around our home regularly pushing off with his feet. He looks like he is doing a cross between the breaststroke and the butterfly. I can't wait to see what he will be like when he is crawling!