Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Biggest Weed Ever!

One of the exciting parts of having our first home is the yard work that comes with it. H is beside himself with happiness. Constantly, we hear requests to weed and mulch. And who are we to say no to such a request? So we get our shoes and our gardening gloves on and head out into the yard to do just that. Lucky for us there has been a fair amount of weeding and mulching necessary. (Note the slight hint of sarcasm.)

One day in particular produced a most exciting find...the biggest weed ever. J and H were out working in the yard while I was working inside and from outside I heard excited voices calling for me to come out and see "the biggest weed ever." So, I came out the front door, camera in tow, to document the moment. And now all of you have been witness to it as well.

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Starting over...

Well. I have been gone for a while. The past year was challenging. Lots of highs and lows...and changes. The biggest change was leaving California. So, here we are starting over. New jobs, new state, new house. New everything.

This summer we moved from our tiny apartment in California to a really sweet little house in Pennsylvania. J got a new job and I found a new job, and H now has a new school and we are all just trying to settle into new routines and better habits. Of all of the changes, the ones we are most excited about is our new house that both ours and a house, and the seasons. We both have roots in places where fall is cool and crisp and full of falling of leaves and winter is snowy and white. I cannot wait for seasons again.

It has taken an inordinate amount of time to unpack (which is still not done) and try to settle into a brand new city. Although we do not have friends or family in our new city, we are now in driving and easy flying distance from our family and many of our closest friends. It is a really lovely feeling. So, over the next few weeks I hope to give you a little house tour and show the different areas we are setting up for ourselves. Now that we have such a big and beautiful space to live in it is fun to take photos. Because now, not only do we not have a bedroom that doubles as a living room but we have THREE bedrooms! It is amazing! And a living room, and a dining room, and a garage, and a storage should here all of the new vocab that H has picked up with all the new rooms.

Here a few quick photos...more to come soon, I hope.

Our new living room...
Dining room...
Backyard...notice boys hard at work.