Saturday, March 20, 2010


For a while now H has playing with the sounds "dada" and "mama" when referrring to J and I. It is really sweet to here him babbling "mamamama" as he searches for me at home. But, I am not sure if "dada" and "mama" count as first words because he is still not consistent in his usage. So, more on this front later.

About a month ago H started nodding "yes" and "no" in response to certain questions (all pertaining to food, of course). This was very exciting to us on a number of levels. Most exciting was the idea that we were at the beginning of having to guess less with H. The head nodding eventually had sounds associated with it and now we are at the point that H will answers questions with the word "more" and "done" and is consistently repeating sounds that we make when we ask him questions, i.e. "Are you ready to get out of the car?" Response: "Dedy." It really sounds like the word "ready"! (I know that I sound like a gushing new parent when I say this, but I have decided to embrace it as opposed to worrying about looking "cool".)

So, as we look back on the last few weeks I guess this means that H's first word was "more", which is generally pronounced as a breathy "mawh". It is so cute to ask him if he wants more food and have him pause, look intently at the food, and say, "mawh". If he doesn't want more of a particular food he will shake his head "no". I am excited for H to start using more words outside of the context of food but for now the whole thing is pretty amazing.

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