Saturday, October 3, 2009

Visiting Daddy

Recently, Jason has had to spend most of his weekend time working. Since Hendrick can be wonderfully distracting that means Jason goes to his office to get things done. Today, Hendrick and I decided to go visit Jason for lunch on campus. We braved game day at Berkeley for a few minutes with daddy and it was totally worth it.

It is a gorgeous fall day here in Berkeley and so Hendrick and I packed up some supplies, pulled out our trusty stroller (a good stroller makes life a million times better in my opinion), and headed to campus. We braved Top Dog and then went to find Jason in his office. After being reunited we found a shady spot to sit and enjoy our lunch outdoors. Jason was kind enough to share his apple with Hendrick who found it very interesting. It was clear from his expressions that he did not like the taste of the skin at all, but he just kept trying to bite it anyway.

Our lunch date finished with a little time exploring the grass with our feet (which produced another furrowed brow moment) and some time touching a pine tree. Hendrick is always very excited to touch things, especially outdoors. We are trying expose H. to nature as much as possible. Part of that is because we love being outdoors and part of it is due to the research being done about children and the need for time in nature. Regardless of the reasons, it makes for cute photos.


  1. when i saw that top photo i literally had to hold myself back from flying out and visiting you right now! he is growing up so fast!

  2. GrandMa Schlude loves his Smile and his four teeth and his hat!!! All of the pictures speak volumes!!!