Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two weeks ago some friends invited us up to Tilden for a picnic and walk about the visitor's center and farm. It was so much fun that Jason, Hendrick and I returned this past Sunday. The second time, we came prepared with celery for the various animals.

It is great to watch Hendrick looking at the animals. His eyes get huge! Feeding the animals added a whole new element to the trip. Everything was going well until we stopped to feed the last animal...a cow. The cow was huge and it was clear that Hendrick was a little nervous about the enormity of this beast. We feed the cow some celery and all was good until the cow let out a low moo. Hendrick's whole body shook but he held his ground. Then the second low moo came and H did OK, but then the third moo came around. This time the cow mooed louder and longer and as soon as the cow reached a new decible, Hendrick responded with his own, "Muaawww!" His entire face crumped and he let out a big cry. We retreated and regrouped. Before heading home we went back to see the cow one last time so H could face his fear before going home. Just another day at the farm.


  1. What a precious moment from the Farm! Good for you and Hen, holding ground against that vicious mooer. I love your stories! xoxo

  2. i love that top picture of you and hendrick! i was just going to ask you to post more pictures of the two of you!