Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Biggest Weed Ever!

One of the exciting parts of having our first home is the yard work that comes with it. H is beside himself with happiness. Constantly, we hear requests to weed and mulch. And who are we to say no to such a request? So we get our shoes and our gardening gloves on and head out into the yard to do just that. Lucky for us there has been a fair amount of weeding and mulching necessary. (Note the slight hint of sarcasm.)

One day in particular produced a most exciting find...the biggest weed ever. J and H were out working in the yard while I was working inside and from outside I heard excited voices calling for me to come out and see "the biggest weed ever." So, I came out the front door, camera in tow, to document the moment. And now all of you have been witness to it as well.

Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I can just imagine H's little voice: "Mama! Look! The biggest weed EVER!" :D Funny about the mulching, esp. because a wee 27-month-old out here too adores mulch, and currently amuses himself by climbing up "Mount Mulch," the pride of San Jose..... :D XOXOXOXO