Saturday, July 17, 2010


My first experience with Tahoe happened many years ago now and it involved a long journey, a very tired pick-up truck and an unexpected pit stop in Truckee. I swore I would never return. But lo and behold, after J took a fishing trip this spring swearing it was a stunning place worth revisiting, we took our first family vacation. Armed with some great locations from a Tahoe veteran we spent our wedding anniversary enjoying beautiful lodgings and the amazing outdoors. Thank you to each of you who helped us have such a wonderful family adventure. We really needed one.
Daddy goes fishing

We picnic while daddy is fishing

Trying to keep ourselves interested as the fishing continues

Just loungin'

What a cool park on the edge of Lake Tahoe

An unexpected dip in the lake

H loves the water
And has no sense of self preservation when it comes to water
Donner Lake in the morning - cold but fun

Exploring with Daddy

These pinecones are amazing. And there are so many of them!
So beautiful

Figuring out how to use a straw

Last bit of fun before we head home.

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  1. I love the "Donner Lake" pic: what a face of pure delight!