Thursday, July 1, 2010

Badminton and weddings

A couple of our friends got married at a park recently and H, J, and I were excited and in attendance. The event was beautiful and casual and much fun.  Of course, these sorts of things are largely influenced by H. He was behaving like a little cherub which allows J and I to really be present and enjoy the festivities.

One of the activities at the wedding was badminton. J and a friend began a pick-up game and as soon as H saw what was going on he headed out onto the field. He marched right out there, grabbed a raquet (which he had never seen or held before) and went to join J. It is amazing to see a little person who has no knowledge of something go to join in without hesitation. It was as if H thought, "If daddy is out there, then it must be worthwile and I want to try."
Beautiful cake with white chocolate portrait of the handsome couple
The blushing bride

The game is in full swing
Nothing a little water can't fix
"You call this a racquet? It is very interesting."

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