Saturday, June 5, 2010

More kitchen fun

The table that we were using as H's art table is now being used for both art and kitchen activities due to limited space available. So, the most recent activity available is pouring water. H discovered this activity after waking up from a lovely afternoon nap and was thrilled at the sight of the little pitcher and glass. I showed H how to pour water from the pitcher into the cup and then drink out of the cup. After H waited patiently for my turn to be done he carefully took his own turn, thoroughly enjoying the entire experience.

To watch H gingerly pick up the pitcher and and attempt to carefully pour the water out was almost too cute for words. It is so amazing to observe him as he takes each step very carefully and deliberately. It feels like he is growing up so fast right now and gaining more and more independence each day.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Even today I poured out the afternoon coffee for our team, and joked that I had been well trained by my early Montessori experience of pouring colored water from one cup into another. :) Brava to you, and to the lil one!! xoxox