Friday, February 26, 2010

Let the celebration begin!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my due date and it is also the day that we had H's one year birthday celebration at the Nido! After watching all of his friend's turn one it is finally H's turn!

The celebration was wonderful complete with balloon fun, singing, and cupcakes. I had only heard tell of H's cupcake eating skills and so today I got to see them in action. That boy is amazing! He managed to finish off an entire cupcake by cramming it into his mouth in about a minute and a half! All of his other friends were politely licking frosting and biting their cupcakes daintily. Not H, he went full throttle and then began reaching for the cupcake of the person next to him.

This was just the beginning of our celebration of H's first year and our first year as parents. We look forward to the coming festivities!


  1. Yay Hendrick!! I need to send you your birthday card! Hugs and Kisses my little man!

  2. That last picture is oh so cute. Ooooh so cute. I love you HJK! xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy, happy birthday beautiful boy! Your Aunt Laura and I can't wait to see you again soon -- we're talking about a trip out to see you and your parents later this Spring :)