Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer sabbatical...

As H was marching through the leaves at our front step and then picking them up and crunching them in his hands, I was lazily thinking of all the autumns before this one. And then I suddenly realized - it is AUTUMN! I am not sure quite how it happened but I managed to take a summer sabbatical from our little blog. We spent the summer celebrating and traveling, cooking and cleaning, and having many family adventures, big and small. I hope to post pictures and stories over the next few weeks so that I can remember all of the things that have transpired over the past few months and so that those of you who are reading can know what sort of sunny black hole we fell into.

Until then, enjoy the beginnings of fall. H, J, and I certainly are. We have spent a good amount of time this weekend at the park or at the window watching the wind blow through the leaves in the trees. As the craziness of a new school year swirls around us, we are doing our best to stop and appreciate the beauty of it all as opposed to being swept away, as so easily happens with time.


  1. Yay, I was dying for a new post, but now I need pictures of your little guy to be truly satisfied.

  2. Yes yes, back in the swing of things! I too have some posting to do. xoxoxo