Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing up, kitchen style

H is simple crazy about the kitchen. He loves to wisk, splash, pluck, and dance. For well over a month H has spent a lot of his time with his basket of kitchen items sitting on the floor or working at his table happy and engaged. Often when H wants to be picked up it so he can see what is up on the stove top. If H and I are coming in the front door and he hears J working in the kitchen he goes running in to see what is happening.

A few week ago we asked H's teacher what she would recommend for H given his love of all things food related. She said that we should include him in as many ways as possible in the kitchen. Some specific recommendations she gave for a 14 month old are peeling bananas, pulling grapes from the vine, and pouring water. In addition I am trying to include H in as many cooking activities as I can. H helps tear spinach and lettuce for salads and sandwiches and I try to prepare and assemble things at H's level.
Stay tuned for more kitchen stories and recipes coming soon!


  1. Hee hee! He looks like a little green grape himself! :D xoxox

  2. Angela loves her little whisk and the measuring spoons/cups!