Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art table: Part 2

I set up a new activity for H's art table. I am not sure it is as successful as the crayons and paper but H was definitely interested. The idea with this project is that H opens the box, takes out a piece of paper, tears the paper and puts it in the bowl.

Sometimes H will tear the paper but most of the time he rolls it up and puts it in the bowl or rolls it up and carries it around. Perhaps we will wait a bit until we bring out this activity again. It may just be a little too early for him. But it was still fun to put together.


  1. Oh for the days of Montessori-style schoolwork! Hitting nails into stumps, pouring colored water from one glass into another, punching out geographical shapes with a pushpin. What a wonderful idea is your art table.

  2. Hey I recognize that paper! Love you guys . . .