Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Contact

Hendrick is very cautious when making first contact with an unknown object. He gingerly extends one finger as he reaches out to touch the new thing (think ET). Generally he will either immediately pull his finger back or he will hold his finger on the object and poke the item a few times before deciding what he should do with it. In this case the decision was that the item was safe and to be consumed. We spend a lot of time exploring new items at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday afternoons. It is one of the highlights of H's week.

(Thank you to Kate for the wonderful pictures! These were taken of Hendrick eating his first cupcake at a birthday party for one of his friends at school.)


  1. Funny! I burst out laughing at your sequence of photos: tentative...poke...poke...CONSUUUUMMMMEEE!!! Scarfing with gusto! That is too, too funny. Maybe some Tuesday I can join you at the farmer's market? I would love to hang out and partake in the fun new experiences. xoxo

  2. i like his cupcake eating style!

  3. Wow, you can really see him analyzing that cupcake! The last picture is priceless... I think I need to get prints of this and frame it for our house - what a wonderful memory to capture.