Friday, December 25, 2009

Crawling toward Christmas

December was busy as we prepared to spend the holidays with family. J and I worked hard to finish out the semester and get our little home ready for guests and H spent much of his free time either tagging along on errands or working out.

H's December workouts focused on lots of squats, pull-ups, bicep curls, and some light weight lifting. He has become quiet adept at these various exercises after spending endless amounts of time perfecting each motion.

H found the easiest place to do bicep curls was with his bedroom door. He spent hours pulling the door open and then pushing it closed. When he was looking to take it up a notch he would angle his body in such a way as to get a good crunch going with his abs while doing his curls.

Pull-up and squats have been some of my favorite exercises to watch. At the beginning, each pull up was accompanied by lots of grunts and then a shriek of joy once H was standing. Then we would watch up as he slowly and deliberately squatted down to a sitting position. Sometimes you would see H very slowly lower himself but then abort the mission before sitting because he decided it was not going to work. He would quickly stand back up again and then start the whole process of sitting all over again. Pull up, stand, shriek, squat, sit, swim to a new piece of furniture and do the whole routine again.

Despite all of this strength training H was still swimming around the floors as opposed to crawling. It wasn't until Christmas day that he decided that crawling could be useful. So, H worked out all December and then finally crawled into Christmas.

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